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PIMH Designs caters to customers with a 'party' spirit who appreciate fun inspired designs and top-quality pieces you just can’t find anywhere else. We are constantly curating fresh new designs and looking for the next big thing our customers will love. Founded in 2021, we are proud to be a neighborhood Custom T-Shirt Shop you can always rely on for our expert service and care.


Looking for a Custom Shirt?

PIMH Designs can help you bring your ideas to life!


Fun & Trendy Designs!

PIMH is always releasing stylish and fun designs for any occasion!

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About PIMH Designs

My name is Elizabeth Washington. I am PIMH Designs :)


I live in Bristow, VA. I work full time in the IT/Online Learning Industry. My son is in college now so I have a little bit more free time on my hands. My husband told me that I needed a hobby...

I loved buying or making funny shirts for special occasions, so I thought...everyone loves funny shirts..why not give a custom tshirt business a try? I started with a Cricut and a heat press and hit the ground running. Many of my designs are done with Vinyl, although I use quality products and proper techniques to ensure that it feels good and lasts a very long time. I experimented with Sublimation printing for a short time and didn't love it due to the fact that there are so many limitations with garment color and materials. I kept searching for ways to expand my capabilties and ended up purchasing a DTF (Direct to Film) printer so that I can now produce high quality color graphic designs as well. My goal has always been and will always be to create high quality items that feel good and last.


Where does PIMH (Party in My Head) come from and what does it mean? Well, I am a bit of a free spirit and always ready to have fun! When the music comes on, no matter what time it is, I am in party mode! I have been told I have a party in my head! My shirt designs often reflect that mindset. I love fun and light-hearted designs that are perfect for winery/brewery trips, parties, or just a good old drink in the driveway! Of course, I make many other types of shirts....for businesses, special occasions, family trips, holidays, etc...but this is how it all began!

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